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Introduction to Yoga: A 3-part series with Patricia Castimore


12 Noon to 1:15 pm

This series is designed to invite you into an experience of starting right where you are. We will engage the physical, mental and emotional parts of ourselves in a practice that can bring us into an awareness of strength, balance and well-being. History tells us that yoga has been around for as many as 3,000 to 5,000 years. There is no competitive component to our practice. We simply show up with a willing heart, body and mind.
Come to one or two classes, or sign up for the series of three online to get special pricing.
From Patricia:
"I was a public school physical education and dance teacher throughout my career. My teaching years were rich, productive and full of joy. 
I can honestly say that when I began to practice yoga soon after retirement, it was like coming home. Adding yoga to my life brought me and my life experiences into an even deeper feeling of balance and clarity, because yoga requires an ongoing practice of engaging the body, heart and mind fully.
I would love to meet you on the mat!"

Exchange: $45 for a pass to all three classes, purchased in advance online, or $20 for a single class purchased with cash/check/credit card at the door.