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Boosting Your Immunity

Our immune and nervous systems effect every organ and cell. The immune system is the guardian which protects us from disease due to invasion from microbes. However, when out of balance it can either be deficient in its ability to defend against microbial invasion leading to a myriad of infectious diseases and cancer or in an overstimulated state create conditions ranging from allergies to thyroid disease to severe auto immune diseases.

The nervous system which includes the trillion of cells in our brain is the part of our physiology that feels sensation, controls movement, integrates thoughts, emotion, instinct and memory and controls the actions of all the organs in our body. In a healthy state our body runs smoothly and organs perform optimally. When in dis-ease it can lead to malfunction of our organs, glands, immune system, chronic pain and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and migraine headaches.

Saturday, October 6, 2pm–4:30pm 

Exchange for the event: $50 early bird by 10/3, $60 from 10/4 and at the door



In this workshop with Jeff Migdow, M.D. we will discuss and experience ways through our yoga practice, including postures, pranayama and meditation, and lifestyle factors to keep our immune and nervous systems in optimal health and balance.

Jeff Migdow, M.D. is a holistic practitioner and Reiki master who has practiced homeopathic medicine for over 35 years. He lived at Kripalu Yoga Ashram for 15 years and directed Kripalu Yoga teacher training from 1990-1997. He is also the creator of Prana Yoga Teacher Training,

a 200 hour yoga alliance approved training, which he had directed since 1997. He has led workshops on yoga and healing around the world including in Japan, Canada and India. He is co- authors of the books Breathe - In Breathe Out and Goddess to the Core.

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