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Collage Quest: Mini-Series

Collage Quest is a healing arts practice which helps you uncover your deep yearnings and tap into your inner artist. As you learn to translate your intuitive nudges into a colorful symbol-filled collage, you also learn to quiet the mind and listen to your innate guidance.  

Donna will share music and stories from Celtic, Native American and Aboriginal cultures to help you tap into ancient ways of visioning.  Her playful, colorful and meditative method leads you on an adventure of self-discovery. 

“Life itself is like a collage. We are daily cutting and pasting our lives as we go along, in many more ways than we realize. We are also always on a quest:  searching and discovering new things about ourselves and the world around us. Every day we are piecing new nuggets of life experience together, best we can, based on each day's input." – Donna Thompson

Tuesday, May 1, 7:00pm–9:00pm
Also on April 3, June 5


Exchange: Drop In: $35 per class


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For each class please bring the Collage Supply List:
• Background papers of your choosing- size 5x7 of cardstock or matboard, can be any color
• Posterboard size 11x14
• Glues- sticks, pens, rubber cement
• Personal images- photos, memorabilia, magazine images, etc.
• Folders or envelopes for storing images & projects

Donna Thompson is a multi-faceted artist and spiritual explorer. She is the author of  Collage Quest: Ancient Roots of Paper Co-Creations. Her website is