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The Five Tibetan Rites

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Jeff Migdow, M.D. is a holistic practitioner and Reiki master who has practiced yoga and the Tibetan 5 rites for over 30 years. He lived at Kripalu Yoga Ashram for 15 years and directed Kripalu Yoga teacher training from 1990-1997. He is also the creator of Prana Yoga Teacher Training, a 200 hour yoga alliance approved training, which he had directed since 1997, presently at the Princeton Center for Yoga and health. He has led numerous workshops on yoga, the Tibetan 5 rites and healing around the world including in Japan, Canada and India. He is co- authors of the books Breathe - In Breathe Out and Goddess to the Core.

Resources: "The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, Books 1 & 2, published by Harbor Press. Jeff Migdow, MD, wrote the core chapter in Book 2

Saturday, March 2 from 2pm–5pm

Exchange: $50 early bird by Feb 25, $60 from Feb 26 on and at the door.

The Tibetan Five Rites are ancient yogic practices which have been performed by monks in remote Himalayan monasteries and were considered magical because of their remarkable healing and rejuvenating effects. They work by speeding up and creating balance in the flow of energy through seven energy centers (chakras), thus normalizing hormonal and nerve imbalances. They were brought to the west by British Colonial Bradford, who taught them to interested friends from his small studio in England.The Rites eventually spread throughout Europe and America.

Jeff will be demonstrating and teaching you each rite with warm-ups and modifications, and then you will have the opportunity to practice them yourself. We will:
• Explore the energy principals on which the rites are based.
• Discuss specific healing benefits and precautions for each rite.

• Learn the preparation and technique for each rite and practice them.

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