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Trauma Informed Training

Designed for all professionals working with trauma survivors, learn mindful yoga poses and breathing techniques to support the well-being of communities affected by trauma.

The training will be led by Elisha Simpson, who founded the non-profit Crossover Yoga Project (CYP) to help young women reclaim their power through a trauma informed yoga practice and expressive arts curriculum.

This 5 hour training is an inspiring and heartfelt experience open to all who would like to learn and adapt new tools for their practice from the growing field of trauma research. Trauma Informed Training is an essential seminar for all professionals working with individuals and communities affected by trauma: professional yoga teachers, social workers, clinicians, hospital workers, school teachers, mental health practitioners, and juvenile and justice personnel. Healing practitioners working with children and adults of all ages will benefit from this training.

When affected by trauma, many survivors lose their ability to handle their physical and emotional impulses. CYP participants can reclaim self-control when using tools they learn in this training. CYP participants state that they have “learned how to calm down when I'm angry and handle my problems better," and have "used the breathing techniques to help sleep better." For a trauma survivor, these are important steps towards recovery.

Seminar participants will learn about:

  •  the physical and psychological impact of trauma
  •  physiological impact: the stress response and the nervous system
  •  the vulnerabilities and triggers of trauma survivors
  •  practical skills to help trauma survivors cope in the real world
  •  the use of effective, supportive communication in relating to traumatized individuals
  •  creating safe spaces to facilitate healing
  •  gentle movement, breathing techniques and meditations that support physical and emotional self-regulation.
  •  trauma-informed sequencing and cuing of these gentle movement techniques.
  •  for healing practitioners, the experience of their own vicarious trauma and how it can be triggered, and the self-care tools practitioners need.

This seminar includes a manual for each participant. Please wear comfortable clothes as this is mostly an experiential training. 

Note: If you require special accommodations due to a particular need or disability, contact Elisha at

Tuition: $150. Register at For more information: 914.319.4010,