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Collage Quest: Mini-Workshop

Start your year with a guided quest aimed at uncovering your deep yearnings and tap into your inner artist by translating that vision into a colorful symbol-filled collage.  Your collaged quest can be a take-home tangible reminder to stay in touch with your own sacred spirit all year round.  

Donna will share music and stories from Celtic, Native American and Aboriginal cultures to help you tap into ancient ways of visioning.  Her playful, colorful and meditative method leads you on an adventure of self-discovery.   Says Donna, “It's not about thinking or designing as much as it is about sensing, learning to feel with your eyes and surrendering to the great Mystery within ourselves and in the Universe.”

Donna Thompson is a multi-faceted artist, spiritual explorer and author.  In this distilled mini-workshop she will share her love of collage, color, multi-cultural spiritual traditions and holistic healing and guide you through a journey of your own sacred knowing. 

Tuesday, January 23, 7:00pm–9:00pm

Exchange: $65.  
$55 early bird (until January 16)



All collage materials and tools will be provided at no additional cost.  Copies of Donna’s book, Collage Quest: Ancient Roots of Paper Co-Creations, will be for sale.


“Life itself is like a collage. We are daily cutting and pasting our lives as we go along, in many more ways than we realize. We are also always on a quest:  searching and discovering new things about ourselves and the world around us. Every day we are piecing new nuggets of life experience together, best we can, based on each day's input." – Donna Thompson