Thursday Night Class Rotations

On Thursday evenings we offer a rotation of different class offerings. Note, there is no class on the first Thursday as the studio space is used by others. 


Restorative /Yoga Nidra

2nd Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm, with Patricia Castimore

Focus on breath and body to relax the body toward balance. Props are used to assist in holding poses for extended periods to experience progressive relaxation. Students will be gently guided into “yogic sleep”, a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, where awareness is internalized and the deepest possible relaxation is experienced. Guided by the teacher’s voice, students focus on breath and sensations in the body, and become increasingly aware of the inner world while releasing tension and worry. Suitable for all levels.

Mindfulness & Meditation 

with Patricia Bloom

Donation Class:  No set fee; $10 suggested, attendees may pay what they like

patricia bloom photo 3.JPG

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing attention to our present moment experience, observing what is happening without judgment. It is a simple practice that can have a huge impact. It can be an island of calm and clarity in the middle of the rushing stream of life. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, all are welcome.   Dr. Patricia Bloom is a physician who has been involved in academic medicine for the past 35 years.  Currently she is a professor at the Icahn Medical School of Mount Sinai, whose major interests include integrative health and health promotion, stress reduction and Mind Body Medicine.  

This link  was created for the class she leads at the Asia Society in Manhattan.  Watching will give you a good idea of why she is such a special teacher.